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Jennine - my storyWelcome to Screentakes. Here you’ll find writings and videos on structure, character and theme. I’m Jennine Lanouette and, after 20-plus years of analyzing the screenplays of great films in the classroom, I have launched this website to share my insights with a wider audience.


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For film fans and film professionals alike: The ONLY media-rich ebooks revealing the art of screenwriting by analyzing great films. Here’s a quick tour of our prototype ebook analyzing The African Queen:

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Also, don’t miss my short videos on The Craft page offering thought-provoking lessons on screenwriting fundamentals. And visit the Current Films page for blog posts dissecting the more recent releases. If you are a story structure geek (like me), you’ll love The Art page full of meaty treatises on all sorts of screen drama topics. And, of course, if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to get monthly updates on newly added articles, videos and ebooks. You will receive the free download of The African Queen: A Screenplay Analysis as my thanks for joining Screentakes!