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Kramer vs. Kramer: A Screenplay Analysis

Posted by Jennine Lanouette on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013


Projected Release: Spring, 2016.

By presenting a man as a primary caretaker in a quiet domestic drama, Kramer vs. Kramer is oddly similar to Thelma & Louise in its inversion of conventional gender roles. However, while you can treat Thelma & Louise as simply an action film or go deeper into its layers of character and theme, in Kramer you must engage with the character story because there isn’t much in the way of plot machinations to gain satisfaction from. Ted Kramer begins the story as a stunning success in the corporate environment. He’s a fighter, a winner and a “good old boy.” Then he is confronted with a situation at home that poses a serious challenge to his habitual way of being. He struggles as a single parent in the face of employer hostility and a brutal custody battle. But to succeed on the home front, he must learn how to be patient, how to listen, how to apologize and how to adapt to his son’s needs. Ultimately, to become a true parent he must be willing to give up the fight and do what’s best for his son.


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