Character and Theme-focused Screenplay Analysis




cateimgWhat Makes It Tick?

Films I admire and want to know better.

Most Recent Post: Inside Llewyn Davis | posted 3.05.2014

all-is-lost-robert-redfordLittle Gems

Films that deliver what they promise.

Most Recent Post: All Is Lost | posted 1.3.2014

philaA Teachable Moment

Films offering good lessons in screen drama.

Most Recent Post: Philomena| posted 2.11.2014

DBCI Beg To Differ

Popular films that didn’t quite do it for me.

Most Recent Post: Dallas Buyers Club| posted 12.17.2013

100x100-stand-in-imgNoble Attempts

Films whose artistry does not match their good intentions.

Most Recent Post: The Ides of March | posted 8.25.2012

100x100-stand-in-imgUnfortunate Misfires

Films whose artistry does not match their big budget.

Most Recent Post: Dark Shadows | posted 04.15.2012

100x100-stand-in-imgIf It Were Up To Me

Films I have a few rewriting ideas for.

Most Recent Post: Robin Hood| posted 05.25.2010

100x100-stand-in-imgI Love Docs

Documentaries to expand your mind.

Most Recent Post: Miss Representation | posted 02.12.2012